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We get you into Top Universities

New York GMAT Tutor Only institute in Gujarat to get its students admissions in Ivy League universities such as Harvard, Columbia, Dartmouth, UPenn, Princeton. Other than Ivies we have admissions records to some of the most prestigious places on planet earth Purdue, Johns Hopkins, London School of Economics, Imperial College, Carnegie Mellon, University of Michigan, University of Texas Austin, UC Santa Barbara, SUNY Stony Brook, USC, Boston University, Northwestern Kellogg School, etc.

We know what we teach you. After all we have written 50+ books

New York GMAT Tutor New York GMAT Tutor Only institute in India to write and publish its own course material for IELTS, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL. Over 20,000 pages of course ware published by us.
Students get our take home course material as part of our coaching and classes.

Our CEO himself studied at a top 5 Engineering University (Purdue)

New York GMAT Tutor We believe in doing what we preach. Our CEO Mr. Amit Jalan himself studied at a top 5 Engineering university at Purdue University, USA. So you get first-hand expert information & guidance. Our Management team have studied from top places on planet earth - Purdue University, University of Bradford UK, Arizona State University.

Our own Magic invention for teaching GRE

New York GMAT Tutor We have literally invented a system for teaching GRE vocabulary which is magical. In few days you are guaranteed to learn 3000 words. It is such a unique and magical system that you will love it. We now not only have GRE students but CAT aspirants flock to learn the wordlists.

8 out of 10 students giving exam for IELTS, TOEFL prep with us

8 out of 10 students giving exam for IELTS, TOEFL prep with us In Baroda if you have prepared or preparing for IELTS, there is an 80% chance you are doing so at EEC. Why – we just love to teach. Our teachers are passionate, well trained and well known, course material is exhaustive and written and published by us. No other institute in India has this ability, mostly all use general market books and some even our books :)

We are also the only British Council Platinum Partner in Gujarat. All faculty are trained by the British Council, ETS, IDP, PTE. They are also the highest paid in the industry.

Leaders in GMAT and SAT Coaching & Classes

Leaders in GMAT and SAT Coaching & Classes If you want to prepare and take classes for the longest and toughest tests such as the GMAT and SAT there is no better place to do so than EEC. GMAT doesn’t test what you know – It actually tests how you think. SAT with 10 sections and 4 hours long is perhaps the toughest international entrance exam in the world.

kg Our take home and classroom GMAT course material alone is 6.7 kgs in weight ..

Leaders in Canada University & College Admissions

Canada UniversityWe personally visited 45 colleges in Canada as early as in October 2001. From Nova Scotia to Vancouver, from Montreal to Toronto. From Niagara to British Columbia. We have seen it all in person and not just on the internet. We were also among the 1st representatives in India for Seneca College, Laurentian University, Centennial College, George Brown College, Niagara College, Algonquin College, Conestoga College, Georgian College etc.,
So at EEC our experience of sending students to Canada is the longest.

Why more students choose EEC:

15 years of wings
  • We are one of the oldest and most reputed industry leader in our field. Estd. 1997
  • EEC centers are centrally located & have state of the art infrastructure of computing labs &test prep software, library set up, multimedia classrooms. You have to see to believe our centers.
    View photographs on this website.
  • Best faculty and talent work with us. A team of full time professionals, work tirelessly in mentoring and taking care of your learning needs.
  • We have the best track records of higher scores and better performance and photographic evidence to prove our claims.
  • We are accessible from morning 7 am until night 9 pm, nearly 365 days a year
  • Our customer care and focus of student learning is award winning and unparalleled in India.
  • Our centers are hygienic and clean places of work and study.
  • We strive to provide extra lessons to every student that might need them without charging anything extra. Lots of personal attention is guaranteed.
  • Our courseware is very well researched and in-depth for thorough learning of the subject matters.
  • World’s leading organizations, bodies and companies are our learning partners.

Please call us if you need any assistance:+91 93769 02533

I would like to thank EEC for helping me out. I appreciate EECs task and always give credit to the people who helped me to be here especially Miss. Ruksana
- Neha R Purohit

I am enjoying my studies in CA as EEC guided in a very great manner that I havent meet to any kind of difficulties. And people from EEC are very helping. They really understand the situation very well. And from the bottom of my heart I will say there is no institution like EEC in Gujarat
- Manan Bhatt
California State Uni-Northridge USA

My US Campus is the first best thing. You were so helpful regarding everything and AMIT sir has already created US kind of study pattern in EEC so it was really nice.
- Bhumika Acchodwala
State Uni. of New York at Buffalo - USA

As grandfather of the student I wish to extend thanks for all the help guidance provided for the entire period we were associated with you and your team
- Dinesh Vig(Grandfather of Supreet Bhal)
Purdue Uni. USA

I am in Chicago studying MS in biotechnology. Its only because of you specially Ruksana and Dinesh. Yes you can send more students here as it is really a good university.
- Gaurang Patel
Saginaw Valley State Uni. USA