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Join! EEC’s 7 Step University Admissions Guidance Program. Unbiased advice for admissions in good universities. You get accurate advice on universities. Experience the best study abroad programs in USA America Australia Dubai Germany New Zealand NZ Ontario Canada Singapore Toronto United Kingdom UK Vancouver.

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Pre Applications & University Selection Process

In this first step we help you understand what we call as the SCIENCE of selecting the best colleges & universities. Using Facts and not estimation, we are able to pin down which schools will be best for you to apply to & more importantly Why are they the right school for you? We use university datasheet, our own developed & copyrighted databases to further understand your academic & financial qualification & match it with the best school out there.


Application Documentation Guidance

In this 2nd Step once the university selection is done. EEC guides you in filling up application forms, we also give you samples of documents to be prepared. Your application packet is who you are in front of the admissions committee & remember you dont get a second chance to make a first impression. So do it right, get it done by professionals at EEC.


Application Essay & SOP Editing

Essays can be a very important part of the application when appliying to top universities. This is your chance to tell your side of the story, at EEC we understand how crucial essays can be and we edit your essays and SOP’s before you send them to the university admissions office. We also give you samples.


Scholarship & Assistantship Program

For good students getting an admission is sometimes just not enough, they aspire to get scholarships to make their dream more affordable. At this stage EEC is there to help you understand the financial aid process, how to apply, how to negotiate offers & much more.


Application Followup Guidance

Most students who do not use EEC services get frustrated when they apply on their own, many times wrongfully & as a result do not hear from the universities whether they are rejected or accepted. EEC removes such complications & guess work, we can help you communicate effectively with the university admissions offices & help you find out the status of your application keeping the process as smooth as possible.


Visa Guidance & Interview Preparation

Once we get you an admission into a deserving university we guide you through the most crucial part of this entire process. the Visa application, documentation preparation and intensive visa interview practice. No wonder why more than 95% of all EEC applicants get their Visa.


Predeparture Orientation & Briefing Process

Last but not the least EEC helps students understand the culture of the host country, provides you with shopping list of what you should carry with you, provide vital information about housing & accommodation at your university, health & medical insurance formalities, travel plans & much more..